Announcing Finite Factory

Announcing Finite Factory

Some of you saw that I recently became a certified professional coach, and you might have wondered: huh, what's Jesse going to do with that? Isn't he running Security (and Infrastructure and IT) at Watershed?

Yes, I am! And alongside that, I'm going to take on a small number of coaching clients. But maybe more interestingly, I realized that there's a common thread across my approach to coaching and my work in technology: I'm always looking to understand the specifics of a situation, and to meet exactly that opportunity or challenge with attention, clarity, and creativity.

Sometimes that's about a particular technological approach, sometimes that's a new way of thinking about the user experience, and sometimes it's about creating new possibilities in how someone relates to their own life.

In all cases, it's about helping create an opening for something powerful and generative, maybe even a little magical.

This kind of work doesn't live in platforms or think pieces or grand gestures. It lives with people, in conversations, in co-discovery, in collaboration. Unlike much of the technological world where I've built my career: it doesn't really scale. But I've also found that relatively short interactions can have a huge effect. Even an hour or two can create new paths forward for people, and for companies.

So I'm bringing this new framing together, across coaching and technology advising, embracing both the constraints and opportunities inherent in human scale interactions and limited time.

I'm calling it Finite Factory. It's an independent coaching and technology advising practice. I'm offering a range of engagements, from one-hour advising calls to 6-month individual coaching programs. If this sounds like it might be up your alley–or if you know someone who might be into this sort of thing–there's more info at

Space is quite limited (I have lots to do at Watershed!) but I find this work really gratifying and energizing, and I'm excited to be able to do this alongside my day job.

I can't wait to meet my next clients and collaborators. Maybe that's you!